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Shine a Light on Business Opportunities with LED

Led Lights by Pixomar, Published on 29 October 2009 http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

LED, or light emitting diode, is a newer mode of lighting. An LED is easily identified by the smaller collection lights, seen as just dots, that make up the display light itself. LEDs are very bright, and are rising into popularity in advertising due to their stunning imagery and flexibility for a variety of uses.

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Can You Buy Our Vote? Absolutely!

For the right amount of money, we’ll do pretty much anything you ask us to do…. video production, online solutions (websites, web apps, eMarketing, etc.) and “traditional” advertising services, such as campaigns, layout, graphic design and copywriting.

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The moving world of the cinemagraph

Ever wanted to post a video on your website but you were too worried about the loading time that would require? In comes the cinemagraph a mixture between still images and videos perfect for quick loading times packaged in a GIF file. The main idea of a cinemagraph is to take a video and freeze it only allowing one aspect of the overall image to be animated. Here at The Voice cinemagraphs have become a fresh new way for our creative department to express our clients’ desire for cutting edge advertising. Just Imagine how exciting e-mails can become now with the invention of the cinemagraph.

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The 2013 Super Bowl commercials were proof that great advertising is built on a big idea, not an overblown budget. Dodge’s Ram trucks spot was probably the least-expensive spot to produce, with just a pre-recorded voiceover (of Paul Harvey) and still photographs but it touched a nerve in almost everyone.

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The Future of Mainframe Marketing

Mainframe companies pay us a healthy chunk of money to tell their stories. And while everyone is different, we hear the same theme repeatedly: How do we dispel the perception that we're cavemen circling the dinosaur of Big Iron?

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Creating a CT Creative Corridor

This week, Seizo and I went to an interesting seminar led by Marian Salzman, president of EURO PR. Marian has done a ton of work related to the talent pool - and talent drain - of Fairfield county. For those who don't know, Fairfield is in the southwest corner of CT, on the doorstep of NYC. Many people commute into NY for work. There are also multiple ad agencies and corporations based here. For many years, however, the county has been perceived as a backwater where senior execs 'retire' on the job with soft assignments after busting their butts for years in NY.

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