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Learning Inbound Marketing or How I Stopped Worrying and Got Hubspot Certified

 You know it’s all around you and you’d have to be a feral humanoid to avoid it; inbounding marketing is a ubiquitous force. Plus, you’re kind of into marketing and you have at least a general idea of what it’s all about. Do you really know the ins and outs of inbound marketing like the back of your hand? Maybe you’re like me and just missed the day everyone learned about “smarketing”. The other day I checked out some of the Hubspot inbound marketing certifications and it couldn’t have been more helpful for my job. Hubspot offers quick (and free) education without the pains of traditional classes you usually only get in college.

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Introduction to Google Analytics

Most businesses have websites, but have no idea about their website’s incoming traffic or customers or pages that customer’s are visiting on the website. This makes it difficult for businesses to identify issues with their website or find out which pages are more interesting to their customers.

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