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Pizzanar: What Is Insight Marketing & Do I Have An Idea

Insight Marketing gives priority to your Insights: the rocket fuel to your inbound sales operations. This is advertising, which is an idea business.

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Insight Marketing is about the two parts needed to generate leads. First you need a CRM tool — Hubspot is the gold standard — that you actually use and leverage to its full capacity. The other vital half is having something interesting to say: Insights. This is often relegated to the term content, but it's much greater than that. It's big thinking, designed well and uniquely you. It might be funny or profound; text or video; raw or polished. But it will be your voice. Then you go to town with it. 

Pizzanar lunch & learn: Wed., 11/30. $10 at The Voice or stream free online at bit.ly/2fRrK9z.

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