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How Accountable Advertising Became Insight Marketing

John Wanamaker is known in the biz for saying “Half the money I spend in advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Jumping forward, direct marketing used to be called “accountable advertising”… because you could actually measure ROI, e.g., if AT&T spent x dollars on a mail campaign and got y number of responses, they could measure what was going on. The advertising was accountable to itself.

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Give Me A Reason to Believe

One of the reasons political advertising is usually so bad is that it suspends many of the cardinal rules in advertising. For instance, the current presidential race had constant negativity: Attack the opponent, they are bad, slander, etc. Comparison advertising can be very powerful in advertising, but you can't just say the other guy is poor... you have to give your prospects a reason to choose you, too.

Why does political advertising do this? For one reason, the candidates are often surrounded by a team of veteran flunkies who don't know what they're doing. They may be great in forming platforms and have a golden media rolodex and other marketing components, but they don't know how to develop the creative. And the ad agencies they do hire to develop the work have to pierce that layer of advisors, so it's hard to get the compelling work through. It's OK to go public with a battle with your competition, if you have the stones in your leaf bag. But remember it's not enough to slam them; you must give your prospects a Reason to Believe in you.
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You Had Me At Free

Free sandwiches at Subway. pic.twitter.com/yuMjO4ncjI. I've written about it many times, but today's SUBWAY promotion emphasizes the point. The word free is powerful, magical. Use it in your advertising as often as possible. I've seen people line up in the hot sun for an hour for a free wooden chip from CMT: Country Music Television. Denny's had lines around the block when they ran a Super Bowl commercial promoting a free breakfast.

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Must-Read Books For Anyone in Advertising

Read these for an education in the craft.  What are your favorites that didn't make the cut?  Must-Read Advertising Books 
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Social Media Marketing: The Time is Now

As a key member of the team that is behind the social media efforts of the Voice, and a marketing student that has also studied social media marketing, I see utilizing social media as an essential, yet overlooked, piece of the marketing mix. Competitors are already on social media, making it the perfect time to update your social and online presence. Utilizing social networks will bring increased exposure of your company, can help improve search rankings, allow you to share information and news instantly, and helps you interact and communicate with both current and future customers.

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The Voice Apprentices Finish Program as New Interns Arrive

The Voice’s Spring 2015 interns are graduating from our apprenticeship program. During their time this semester, Cassie Fercodini (Fairfield University), Haley Tanella and Ray Corriea (Sacred Heart University) worked alongside the team at The Voice to learn the ins & outs of advertising.

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A Toast to the End

The interns finally graduated! After a 6-week intense intern program, the interns finally part ways to enjoy the rest of the summer until school rolls around again in the fall.

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Online Marketing Planning

I am just on the second week of this internship at The Voice and I am already learning the in’s and out’s of marketing. While juggling social media pages and projects from clients, I also have time to myself to learn and soak up every bit of information I can about marketing. Online marketing in particular is one of the main topics I am interested in. The Internet is becoming the place where business is done rather than in person. Here are some tips I have acquired to emphasize your online marketing plan:

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Free is the Greatest Headline Ever Written

With the Super Bowl approaching, I went back and relooked at spots from previous years' games. Most were either misogynistic or humor for humor’s sake. There was one great spot, summarized in a word: Free. The massive queues for a free Denny’s breakfast is testament to the power of that word. Free has a magical quality – a siren call so captivating even savvy shoppers are unable to sail by it.

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Creating a CT Creative Corridor

This week, Seizo and I went to an interesting seminar led by Marian Salzman, president of EURO PR. Marian has done a ton of work related to the talent pool - and talent drain - of Fairfield county. For those who don't know, Fairfield is in the southwest corner of CT, on the doorstep of NYC. Many people commute into NY for work. There are also multiple ad agencies and corporations based here. For many years, however, the county has been perceived as a backwater where senior execs 'retire' on the job with soft assignments after busting their butts for years in NY.

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