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Give Me A Reason to Believe

One of the reasons political advertising is usually so bad is that it suspends many of the cardinal rules in advertising. For instance, the current presidential race had constant negativity: Attack the opponent, they are bad, slander, etc. Comparison advertising can be very powerful in advertising, but you can't just say the other guy is poor... you have to give your prospects a reason to choose you, too.

Why does political advertising do this? For one reason, the candidates are often surrounded by a team of veteran flunkies who don't know what they're doing. They may be great in forming platforms and have a golden media rolodex and other marketing components, but they don't know how to develop the creative. And the ad agencies they do hire to develop the work have to pierce that layer of advisors, so it's hard to get the compelling work through. It's OK to go public with a battle with your competition, if you have the stones in your leaf bag. But remember it's not enough to slam them; you must give your prospects a Reason to Believe in you.



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