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The Intern Experience

Bridging from an Internship to the Real World

There are plenty of cliche sayings I could say about graduating from college and finally receiving my undergraduate degree. But I would have to sincerely say that i would like to thank those who helped me along the way.

When I decided to go into the world of advertising and marketing, Matthew saw that and immediately took me on to the Voice this past summer. I learned more than I ever thought there could be to learn about advertising including:

  • The (Entire) History of Ads
  • Website Design
  • Marketing Strategy

One class in particular at my school, Publicity Methods, was where I was able to apply what I learned. The class is led by Professor Katz who has been a producer of all kinds of media in her career. Her class is unique because each semester she chooses an organization to work with and the class creates a media campaign for that organization. Because of her close ties to the city, this semester we had the opportunity to work with the City of Bridgeport.

The Downtown Special Services District (DSSD) is interested in revitalizing Bridgeport's Downtown with a logo, various branding material, and a video. The goal of this campaign was to attract developers to flesh out the downtown with apartments for people to live and to attract business owners to locate themselves in the growing city.


Four months later, we presented to the city which included individuals such as Mayor Joe Ganim, Director of Economic Development Tom Gill, and President Salonen of University of Bridgeport. We were proud to present The Bridge which is what we coined the new downtown. The DSSD was delighted with what we had to present and were happy to use our logo, video, and other materials.

I felt prepared by the Voice to be a leader in my class and be respected by my other classmates who are extremely talented in their own way. I felt like a contributing part of a team and felt more than capable of handling the "real world" that is coming after finals.

The Intern Experience