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Killian Jampierre

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Intern Spotlight: Killian the Copywriter

First day on the job, I walk up to the small white house on a hill. In the window, an old sign reads “The Voice” indicating I’m right where I should be. With no idea of what to anticipate of the internship, let alone my first day, I take a deep breath and head inside ready for the new experience.

I study Communication and Islamic Studies at Fairfield University. I know it’s an odd mix but it shows my indecision of whether I want to go into a field such as advertising or international relations. Having been exposed to the world of advertising and marketing from an early age with my family being in the field, it’s something that I’ve always been able understand well. In recent years, I’ve had a growing interest in International Relations and find the concept of working in the United Nations in Humanitarian Rights to be highly enticing.

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